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Stand-up paddleboard experiences?

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    I hadn't thought about the convenience of swimming from the board, but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for posting, it's good to know that you liked them when you tried them.


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      Interesting thread from back in January. I am chipping in because I just purchased two inflatable SUP's for < $175. I was able to stand on them but they also came with seat backs and a second blade for the paddle. They inflate to 15PSI and feel as hard as fiberglass or plastic and are < 40lbs.

      I had a lot of fun using them as a sit-on-top and we even paddled tandem - two adults (two and a half if you know me) and we were still under the weight suggestion and it handled fine. I am SO going to strap a canoe pack to the front and take it on an overnight.
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        Good for you. I hope that the overnight idea works out, it sounds like a good plan. I haven't tried a SUP yet but am still hoping to in late August or September once I am living up there full time.


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          I got a camping trip for four on Lower Saranac Lake coming up this weekend. I figure I could fit a 16-foot Royalex canoe plus one kayak on the roof of my car. So we will be bringing an inflatable PB for the fourth person, my son. It's only a two-mile paddle and on mostly protected waters. I'm not planning on my son carrying any gear on the PB (other than a life jacket). I could probably fit 3 in the canoe if things don't work well - but can't see how it wouldn't, especially with the nice weather forecast for this weekend.


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            I finally tried paddleboarding this afternoon, and it was easier than I expected. I ordered a fairly cheap one soon after we moved up here two weeks ago and it was delivered last Tuesday, but when the weather got nice Wednesday I had to get going on adding a room to the house, and had to work fairly steadily on that till I finished getting the roof on about 3 today.

            I carried the board down to the town beach which was deserted since it was raining lightly, and got on, expecting to fall off right away, but I didn't. I was pretty tense and jittery at first but I got a bit more comfortable over time. I made a first loop without being fully in control of steering, since I was mostly thinking about balance, but then I was able to relax and go across the river, up toward the dam and then back down. There was some wind that came up as I was heading back down the river to the beach, and it made little waves. I'm sure I will fall off in bigger waves, at first, but the first trip was a success, even though it was only half an hour.

            I also tried going to kneeling and then lying down on the board, and then getting back up again, and it all seemed to go fine. The board I bought is a bit bigger, at 11 feet long and 33" wide, so that helped with making it easier, I'm sure. I'll go out again tomorrow for a short time and keep doing that every day that's nice so I can get more practice. I've been wanting to try SUP for a year or two, so it was nice to get the chance, and to find out that it wasn't as hard as I had imagined to balance, at least in calm water.

            My mother walked down to take a picture when I was starting. It would have been a more interesting picture if I had fallen in, but that's life.
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