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  • Not nearly Pine Lake

    I had been packing slowly for weeks.
    Had my snacks and meals dried for two weeks ahead.
    Packed heavy, much heavier than usual, since I was rolling, not carrying.

    I had planned to go on a Thursday and return home on Saturday, but the forecast was dismal. So I decided to delay, something I don't normally do.
    Instead I committed to other stuff, and would leave on Sunday morning.
    Since I was all packed, no reason to rush. I even went to the market with MDB before I left. BTW, those days that I didn't go, the weather was very nice.

    So I get to Abenakee Lake later than I usually would, it was drizzling on and off. No problem, it's a slow drive in, the weather might clear up as I continue. Turn in on Chain Lakes South road, and drive past the Outer Gooley Club house...nothing left but an oversized parking lot. I continued on, past the next gate, since it's open to the public for big game season.
    Park in the small lot, and load up the boat on my trusty RollEez wheels. It's sprinkling on and off, still no big deal, I have rain gear.

    By now, it's like noon, but I'm only going in about 2.5 miles.
    I get a bit past Mud Pond, and see this.

    Beavers have flooded a good portion of the old road, still no big deal, I admire their skills. For the moment, the skies are dry, and other than a couple small game hunters at the sign in, I've seen no one. The old road is washed out a little, just before getting to the Cedar River. After I get to the bottom of the hill, it seems like my gear has tripled in weight!

    I look at my trusty wheels and see this.

    Yeah, see that dark hole, the one where a valve stem used to live?
    At this point, the rain was back in earnest now. With one flat wheel, and about .9 miles to go, it's decision time.
    Hmmm, with all my gear in the canoe, on one flat wheel the carrier frame drags along, plowing a furrow. Did I mention that I packed heavy?
    I whittled a twig to jam into the hole where the valve used to be, and that keeps the tire from fully flattening. But, the wheel still can't support everything. So I shoulder my pack, oh yeah, it's heavy. Like 55 lbs, way heavy for me. The nearly empty canoe kind of rolls along...

    At this point, my phone rings. Yup, there's service here. It's MDB, asking how things are going, she isn't thrilled with me going solo. Did I mention it's raining pretty hard now? She tells me the forecast is worse than when I left home. I reconsider, and decide to bail out on Pine Lake, I'll limp my way back out, maybe camp at Clear Pond.

    So I drag my boat with my too heavy pack on my shoulders, it's slow going for sure.
    I stow my gear back in the Jeep, put the boat back up on the racks, and head back towards the Clear Pond trail...DEC sign says it's only 0.3 miles.
    I grab my camera and rain gear, and walk in to take a quick look. Well, not really quick, it's closer to .75 miles to the pond. And when I get there, it looks like this.

    Not exactly inviting. By now, it's 3:30 PM, I'm beyond discouraged.
    OK, I give up.
    On the drive back out, next to Abenakee, there was a brief moment of sunshine, even though it was still raining hard.

    Ok, maybe I'll swing by Indian Lake and see if I can grab a site there and salvage some sort of trip.

    In retrospect:

    Since I'm going solo, I should just leave when there's a window of better weather. No need to stick to any sort of schedule.

    Don't pack heavy since I'm wheeling, I should pack light as I usually do.

    Leave early in the day, even if it is a shorter drive.

    Don't trust those 25 year old trusty wheels, even though I monitored the pressures for weeks before.

    Well, I guess all the trips can't be ideal. I'll try again next spring, but come in from the north via the Chain Drain. It's about 7 miles that way, but at least I know the terrain and water.

    Try this link
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    I had a solo trip this past year which I bailed early. Very different reasons though.

    Probably because I am using my phone, but your photos are not showing for me.

    Someday we need to hit the woods together.

    edit: pics showing now
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    "There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us, And the Wild is calling, calling . . . let us go." -from "The Call of the Wild" by Robert Service

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      i had a cart wheel blow out on me too, twice! but i didn't have pouring rain to contend with, and others were there to share my misery. luckily both trips were salvageable, which is good cuz they were both 4 hr drives one way...
      no pictures are showing for me either...


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        Pics are linked the same as always
        Have to take a look when I get home


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          Yeah, nothing showing up here for the photos, either. Google is always messing around with how their hosting works, especially with regards to the default permissions... why I usually use imgur for hosting images to include on forum posts even though all my albums are also on Google images.


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            Originally posted by stripperguy View Post

            Even though I'm not a Jeep guy, I appreciate the aesthetic of this picture.

            Bummer about the trip, if I was going to bet on rain, this would be the year.


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              I’ve had that Jeep since 2012, when I bought it cheap as an insurance wreck, it’s an LJ, only in production for 2-1/2 years.
              It now has 58k miles on it and is worth about 3 times what I have invested in it.
              And yes, I knew it was becoming collectible when I bought it.
              Not my first pick for driving to the ADK’s, but my only choice since I sold my Element.
              I’m currently waiting for a retitle inspection on the 2015 CR-V insurance wreck that I bought and repaired to replace the Element.
              The LJ will go anywhere, but run out of gas way before the CR-V would!


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                The ground clearance of my vehicles has always correlated with how far I ventured in the Adirondacks. I had a Subaru Forester that was probably the best compromise although a 4x4 V8 F150 was quite a bit more fun and capable, but a horror on gas.

                That pic just looks like a scene I enjoy: Pulling into a grassy parking area in shoulder season and loading up a canoe. Although I'd expect to see a Subaru, the Jeep fits the aesthetic better.

                My former 60s Willys Jeep p/up would fit even better. Although for practicality, it was the worst.


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                  That sounds like a very frustrating experience. Do those tires use an inner tube? I imagine they would be very hard to repair while out and about. I hope you won't have to wait too long for another chance with better weather.


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                    Zach, those Rolleez tires, now called Wheeleez, are tubeless donuts of thick polyurethane, low pressure and very compliant and tough. Unfortunately, the plastic insert that holds the valve stem seems to have a finite life. I have now replaced both valve stems using some 3M 5200 adhesive/sealant, that should outlive me!!
                    Yes, it was frustrating, but there’s always next spring.
                    I’ll just go in from the north via the chain drain, since the reduced distance from the south won’t be accessible again until the fall.


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                      I don't know which size your cart takes, but I'm wondering if it could be practical to carry a spare wheel somehow for those emergency moments in remote areas. I suppose on the other hand it would just add to the weight the cart had to carry, so that could be unhelpful. According to the website an 11.8" wheel is 2.91 lb, which is lighter than I would have guessed.


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                        Nice photos Mike. Is that a real rainbow? New house looks great!


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                          Originally posted by tuccarammahacking View Post
                          Nice photos Mike. Is that a real rainbow? New house looks great!
                          Of course it’s real!! I missed the best of it scrambling to put on my rain jacket.
                          We’re very happy to be back on our own, and even more pleased to share our new home with our son, DIL and now three month old grandson.
                          Next year they will build their house between us and his sister/our daughter.
                          A mini T compound.

                          Life is good.