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    Midnite privy trip = golf umbrella found at garage sales. Bring one once on a trip and if it rains, you'll be a convert for life!


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      I'm a big fan of blunt umbrellas for backcountry trips. They are pretty durably built and they come in a wide range of sizes:

      I bought a Metro XS about 4 years ago and have used it a bunch and it's held up great. It's a bit small at 37 inches diameter, but not so small that I'm pining for a larger one. If/when I end up replacing it, I'll probably go for the regular Metro (39 inches) or the Coupe (42 inches).

      Although if I were base camping in the same spot for a bit, I'd probably also consider bringing a tarp to pitch over the box toilet. I'm also a big fan of tarps in general- it's nice to have the extra dry space whether you're solo or with friends.