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    I can't tell you the condition of the waterway upstrream from the boardwalk, but Brown's Tract from there to Raquette is my favorite part of the enire 90 miler. There are usually up to four beaver dams to encounter along the way, a couple of them could requre dragging over, especially if traversing early in the paddling season before they have been broken down. Normally as bow paddler, esspecially when paddling in a long voyageur canoe, up freont I determine our route through the muddy shoals and dense lily pads, posting turns around the extreme hairpin turns, with my own strategy of how to overtake and pass boats ahead of me and to avoid being overtaken from behind. Great stuff.
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      a group of us paddled from the lower pond down to the boardwalk, and just a bit past. the water is certainly navigable, but there are 2 low bridges that you might fit under, or easy to get out and go over. the banks were brushy, but always just enough room to get past...