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  • Looking for paddle suggestions

    Hello everyone. I am planning a paddle trip that will most likely be 2 to 3 nights. I'm looking for something that is a relatively short paddle (around 5 miles or less) with a lean to. 2 of my friends that are going are new to paddling so I'm looking for an easy paddle. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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    You didn't indicate what time of year but an easy one would be Follensby Clear with a leanto on the island. Another trip is the Raquette River from Axton Landing upstream to the falls with a few leantos on the way up. Middle Saranac with a leantos on Hungry Bay and Weller Pond. The sites on Middle Saranac will require reservations. A little more aggressive would be St Regis Pond from Little Clear with a carry of less than a mile between LC and SRP. Check out the Paddlers Map and guide book by Dave Cilley for distances and leanto locations.
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      There is a new (last year) leanto on Indian Lake, site #27. After this coming weekend there will be another brand new one at site (we call it area) 51. The Leanto on Hungry Bay/Middle Saranac is only 3 weeks old.

      Other very short distance new leantos... two are on Eighth Lake, one (a double size LT) is behind the island on the west shore, and another is at the north end of the lake at the carry trail (Dunning Landing). Another is on Raquette, on the north shore a short distance west from the carry landing leading to Forked Lake. About a mile east of the state boat launch at Rte 23 on First Pond, head downriver on the saranac River. The leanto is on river left.
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        I suggest you purchase a paddler's map and an accompanying guide book. There are just too many options that fit this criteria in the Adirondacks.


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          Thanks guys. I think we'll try for fallensby clear.