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Oswegatchie Inlet to High Falls in Windy Conditions

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  • Oswegatchie Inlet to High Falls in Windy Conditions

    Hi all,

    First off, I'm new to the area having just celebrated my first year here (in Rochester) and I'm finding these forums to be invaluable. Thanks to everyone who contributes!

    Based on so many rave reviews here, I've been planning to do the Oswegatchie Inlet to High Falls trip this Thurs through Sat in my 16' royalex canoe with a friend. The weather looks okay, a bit of rain in the forecast, but I'm more wondering about wind. For both Thurs and Fri, the forecast predicts 10-12 mph winds throughout the day.

    I'm guessing this won't be as bad as on open water, but any idea how this might impact our trip, or other advice given these conditions? I haven't yet been to this part of the Adirondacks so it's hard for me to predict.

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    You will be meandering in the alders. Not much effect of wind. 10-12 mph is normal.

    Of more import is your turning ability and bank banging avoidance.


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      Good to hear, thanks. The canoe has great maneuverability so hopefully our paddling skill is up to the challenge.


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        I'll be heading up from Inlet on the Saturday you are heading out. My wife, daughter, niece, and I will be in a loaded up Grumman 17' riding low in the water. Heading upriver for 7 nights. My sister will be along in a solo canoe or kayak. The wife and I will be wearing pith helments so we should be easy to spot. We'll try to say hi. Like yellowcanoe said, wind will be a non issue.....sounds like a nice day.
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          We will be heading back to Inlet that afternoon as my friend needs to catch a flight in Syracuse in the early evening on Sat. We'll be paddling a green 16' Nova Craft Prospector; I've got a shaved head and a goatee. Hope to see you!


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            how was the trip?


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              It was great! What a nice stretch of paddling. The weather wasn't the best---I don't think it ever got above 60 degrees and we enjoyed a total of 11 min of sunshine over three days. We also had lots of small rain showers that passed pretty quickly, but we didn't have to put up or take down camp in the rain, so that was a plus. The cool weather also kept the bugs away. I got more mosquito bites on a three-hour paddle earlier this week than I did over those three days.

              We put in at Oswegatchie Inlet around 3:00 on Thursday and pulled into camp #33 around 6:30. The next day we paddled the rest of the way to High Falls, stopping along the way to do some fishing. No luck except my buddy caught two tiny, tiny trout at the falls. On Saturday we broke camp at noon at were back at the parking lot at 3:00.

              Saw a couple beavers and hardly anyone else Thursday and Friday, but passed a bunch of parties on Saturday.
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