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lake lila picnic tables and outhouses?

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  • lake lila picnic tables and outhouses?

    Hi. I have never canoed Lake Lila but my husband and I are planning a trip shortly. I know it says the sights are primitive. When we primitive camp, we have nothing--no picnic tables or outhouses but I'm wondering if Lake Lila's sites do have these amenities. Also are there any sites with a nice swimmable beach area. My 7 year old is coming too and it would be nice for her to have a place to play when we are not canoeing

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    no on tables. It is primitive camping. There are beach sites next to Shingle Shanty and also Canada Island.

    Don't remember about toilets..there may be thunderboxes. There must have been one or two on Canada Island. otherwise the site would have been just awful.. not many places to bury.
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      There are thunderboxes, but I don't recall how many sites have them.
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        Truly primitive camping on Lila and the surrounding lakes. You'll have a firepit and most likely a thunderbox (pretty sure most sites have them now). The attached picture is from Little Tupper Lake but indicative of what you'll see on Lila, too.
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          Yes thunderboxs all sites, no picnic tables any where, 1 lean too due west of the southern most point, many beaches if not at the site than a short paddle away. Good luck Godspeed .