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Ice Fishing - Tip Ups?

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  • Ice Fishing - Tip Ups?

    Plenty of decent ice in the Adirondacks. Fished a lake this weekend notorious for undersized snake like Lakers. Other folks I saw this weekend were using small minnows on tip ups. They caught fish but didn’t see any of keeper size... Dinks outnumber legal sized fish (>= 18”) 20 to 1. Would think that many of these fish swallow the bait...

    above is average.

    Since most if not all fish have to go back down the hole... would think many of them don’t make it?

    these are by far the largest fish I caught this weekend - would probably have to step on them to stretch them out to legal size. Except for perch and walleyes - practice C&R.

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    Glad you got out to catch a few Salar. I took advantage of the 53 degree weather and went jigging for perch in my canoe on unfrozen Lake George on Saturday. I cant see LG freezing over this year.
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      Very nice post salar! Nice to see you getting a lot of action out on the hard water. Great looking lakers. A bit thin but nicely colored up. Great to get out in the fresh air in Gods Country! Thanks for posting! Tightlines , as always! WB.
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