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    Had an unbelievable six days in the north woods ofthe Adirondacks. Covered many miles and some scouting paid off big time. Found a nice saddle that was fed by a steep draw with heavy sign on top of a steep mountain. I still hunted it the first two days first from the bottom up and from the top down the next. Did not see any deer but sign was fresh. It was being well traveled. Decided the next morning I would sit it. We got up a little late and I was not on top of the mountain until 830 or so. Setup my chair and put all my clothes on and prepared for an all day sit. No more then 30 seconds after my ass hit the chair did I turn to my left and this buck had already snuck up on me up the draw in the wet leaves. He did not make a sound. He was already behind me at 15 yards and I had to swing hard to my left. First shot was a little far back but he was hit hard .I did not stop shooting until he was down. No way this buck was getting away and over the next mountain. It was an amazing hunt. Another guy sadly had a a big 8 walk under his stand while his rifle was still down below which was a heart breaker and another passed on a nice bear. It was a great week. Buck was 180 dressed on the scale.
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    Wow, What a brute! Fun hunt!
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      Beautiful pics, know for a fact thats a good overall area to hunt. Congrats on a great hunt!


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        Originally posted by bobadkhunter View Post
        Beautiful pics, know for a fact thats a good overall area to hunt. Congrats on a great hunt!
        Thanks Bob. Terry was up for the week hunting. We need to catch up one of these days.


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          For sure , just got back from up there, been doing some trapping this past week

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        Congratulations on a great hunt and buck. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. Well done đź‘Ź.


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          Wow! Whatta beautiful big adk.whitetail buck! Awesome hunting story and great photos of a beautiful area in the Adirondack’s! Thank you for sharing your successful hunt with us! WB
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