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Long Lake to Tupper Lake Canoe Trip Fishing Report

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  • Long Lake to Tupper Lake Canoe Trip Fishing Report

    Life has been busy since moving to North Creek with Stephanie and guiding for Adirondack Mountain & Stream this year, but we finally managed to get out on a little group trip doing the classic Long Lake to Tupper Lake route via the winding Raquette River with our buddy Zeke. The fishing was good, but could be spotty at times. We got into a few Pike on Long Lake while staying at the Plumley Point lean-to, but the action REALLY turned on during a heavy rain above the falls. We got into a bunch of solid Smallmouth Bass and one real big Northern Pike before making the carry. We set up in tents at site #3 at the falls and did the only thing you can do when the rain refuses to let up, whiled away the time under the tarps with some good food and good drink. We made an early start the next day, which actually may have turned out to be a mistake. A few other groups that we kept running into on the trip informed us that they got into some unbelievable Pike fishing right at the base of the falls, with one monsterishly huge Northern making an appearance. As for us, we did get into a few more Small and Largemouth while floating to Trombley Landing, but it just could not compare to the action we had the day before. The rest of the trip to Tupper Lake produced the occasional Bass as well, but we just could not get into that same flurry of action we had on day 2. I guess the flooding washed debris into the deep holes that I planned to fish for Walleye, because we just lost lure after lure while trying to drop them down to the bottom.

    Fish05.png Fish01.png Fish03.png Fish02.png Fish06.png Fish07.png Fish04.png Fish08.png Fish09.png
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    Very nice bunch of big fish! Awesome photos and thank you for sharing your outing with us! This forum had been alittle on the quiet side as of lately. I haven’t had anything interesting to post or I would’ve. So, appreciate yours!
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