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Lows Lake Fishing Trip: Bass Ackwards

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  • Lows Lake Fishing Trip: Bass Ackwards

    (Note: This trip took place in October 2022, but wanted to share nonetheless.)

    “This place looks fishy,” I said, as my two brothers and I pushed off from Lows Lower Damn. Our rented Quetico 18-footer was low in the water with the three of us and our heavy packs, like pushing a damn Greyhound bus with flat tires. Leaves were popping red, water was creased with a breeze, and soon we were slipping across Higgins Pond and forward, on into Lows Lake we went. The islands crept by. Hours later we unloaded and setup camp near Grass Pond, not the perfect site, but enough potential to become perfect later. We were prepared for three days on Lows Lake, a place we’d never been, with hopes of catching fish.

    And we indeed caught fish.

    There exists a moment when you have caught so many small-to-medium-sized largemouth bass that you become bored and pizza and a hotel bed sound awful nice. The moment happens sometime around fish number 55. Strong winds blowing you across a long skinny exposed lake speed this dream along. The sudden appearance of a Bald Eagle on the last night remind you of more important things than giant fish. Time with brothers is also a good thing, especially when it means a small break from a crying newborn baby back home.

    Our return paddle was a beast and it seemed, as it sometimes does at the end of a such a trip as this, that the wind was always in our face. Lows Lake is long. Hitchens in the wind churns like seltzer water. That damn Greyhound we paddled felt like it was always in reverse, the wind our foe, and my shoulders ached for weeks after. The burger at Bitters cured all other ills.

    In summary, Lows has a mess of bass. But God still has yet to convince me anything else swims beneath its waters.
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    Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading that!


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      Great read! Sounds like a fun trip.


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        Thanks for the post. I'm heading into Lows soon for a bass fishing trip myself with the fly rod.
        Oh I'd rather go and journey where the diamond crest is flowing...


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          Originally posted by Pauly D. View Post
          Thanks for the post. I'm heading into Lows soon for a bass fishing trip myself with the fly rod.
          The road into the dam is closed this year, the access is though Hitchins Pond.


          • Pauly D.
            Pauly D. commented
            Editing a comment
            Thank you for the information. Do you need to walk down the road to the upper dam at Hitchens Pond? I've only been to Lows once and parked at the lower dam. I don't recall there being a drivable road to the upper dam.

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          The road to the upper dam is restricted to Rangers and the Sabbatis Adventure camp, the press release says you can Carry on it. Since it is a road, it should be cartable.
          I think that others have done the creek into Hitchens, when I scouted another access from Horseshoe I saw one outlet, I didn't think it was passable but I may have looking at the wrong access. We are all hoping they get the project finished and we can get back there next year.