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Quick 2-Day Paddle for Pike?

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  • Quick 2-Day Paddle for Pike?

    Hey, all. Looking at taking the canoe out July 5-8 for a two-nighter. Cranberry/Tupper/Saranac area. Hoping to get into a pike lake that is somewhat quiet (lol, i know) and less windy (fingers crossed). I'm willing to portage in, etc. to get away from the crowds. I was considering just tooling around Raquette River near Axton Landing, grabbing a riverside site.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    I'd be happy to DM if you don't want to make it public. (It's just me, all catch & release, no socials).

    Thanks loads.

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    I haven't fished there in a few years but the Stony Creek Ponds used to have some nice pike. There's nothing secret about the place and there were plenty of tent sites around the ponds. You can even paddle down the creek and find yourself on the Raquette River, just above Axton's Landing so that's a day trip option for you if you're interested.

    That's all for now. Take care, good luck on your trip and until next well.



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      Update: I managed to just snag a reservation for two nights on Weller Pond. Probably will head there.


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        Never been to Little Weller but heard there was once decent pike fishing in there so it might be worth looking into. Hope you have a great trip.

        Until next well.