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    I am a relatively novice fisherman, however I fully enjoy fishing on my backcounry bushwacks to remote places. Im curious if there's any advice or tips that any of you, who are far more experienced than myself, would be willing to share, in order to minimize damage to caught fish that will be returned to where they came from.

    Specifically, types and sizes of hooks. I've seen a couple of references to 'circle hooks". Are these worth trying? What size is recommended for ADK fishing?

    Any other tips?

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    If you are using bait, circle hooks are the way to go. Some folks say you miss more hookups with them but you just have to change the way you set the hook by letting the fish do it themselves. Check out some You Tube videos on it.


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      On a guided trip for Atlantic the guide was using these, which struck me as a bit odd.

      Delving into it he explained that Atlantic's have a very soft mouth. Tells his customers NOT to have the marlin-like like hook set or it will tear it right out. So he starts his customers with circles till he gets a feel for the anglers skill. Biggest issue is the client unable to control their hook set.

      Hs philosophy - if a customer lands a fish, it's all due to the anglers skill. If he loses a fish, it's the guides fault. Maintain this philosophy and customers will return.

      It's all about revenue streams.