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Japanese Knotweed

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  • Japanese Knotweed

    I know there are more pressing issues in the world today... Vile stuff - In the stream within walking distance of the house - it has mostly taken over the stream bank and chocked out the native vegetation. This time of year, the dead stalks from last year make walking difficult. It grows a couple of feet per week and in a month the new growth will make passage virtually impossible. Very tough to control and when established nearly futile to try to remove. A quick search of the literature proves the dire impact on invertebrates and fisheries ...

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    You wonder what controls it in Japan?


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      Check with the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant organization ( They may help. I attended a seminar a number of years ago and they discussed this plant. At the time they were requesting locations where people noticed it (mostly along roads) so they could eradicate it. It has to be done professionally but can be done. The sad thing is, you will still see these plants sold in supermarkets, big box stores etc.


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        The cure may be worse than the problem - I did see a group that has gone around attacking infestations by injeting each plant with roundup and possibly a mix with something else. I have heard of a couple people irradicating by leveling it and spraying and keeping after it with additional treatment. Obviously not a good idea in that environment....


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