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Big Brook leading into Lake Abanakee

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  • Big Brook leading into Lake Abanakee

    Hi All,
    Curious if anyone has any experience fishing Big Brook or Lake Abanakee? The wife and I are fulfilling a years long dream and buying ADK property. It borders the brook, which leads into the lake, and was hoping someone could give me some insight. Any info would be appreciated. Can PM if worried about spot burning. Thanks in advance!

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    Abanakee is one of my favorite spots for ice fishing. Typically fish off of Locke Harbor along the causeway. Have had some good days catching northerners nothing huge but steady action.


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      Thanks Sleepy. Yeah, from what I’ve read Abanakee has a decent population of pike and bass (awesome). Do you have any knowledge of Big Brook or Round Pond Brook? From what I can see, seems like they flow into it on the south end of the lake.