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  • McKenzie Pond

    Can anyone tell me the shortest way to hike into McKenzie Pond near Saranac Lake. I've never fished it but would like to give it a whirl. I've seen references to the short way and the long way. I'd prefer the shorter way. :-) Feel free to PM me if you don't want to go public.

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    I believe that the "short way" requires going through private property, which means getting permission from the owner.

    The easiest public access that I'm aware of is via the Jackrabbit Trail, starting at McKenzie Pond Rd.


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      the only legal way is the jackrabbit trail. The other way requires you to park on and walk over private land. While i hear it can be done its not worth it. I do hear its also very very clear water and not worth the time of day if its sunny. I to have always wanted to treck out there. Let me know how you do.