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Brook Trout Parasites

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  • Brook Trout Parasites

    I got out fishing with my girlfriend over the weekend and we managed to hook into what seemed like some really nice Brookies at first glance. Upon closer inspection though we found them all covered with these small white worm like parasites on their fins. Doing some searching around it appears that these were Gill Lice? We ended up throwing them back, being unsure of what it was at the time. All of the fish we caught had them on it and I was wondering, is this something that eventually fixes itself or goes away? Did we just get "unlucky" and only catch the ones that had it? Should we report it to the DEC?

    And lungs are poisoned and shoulders bowed,
    In the smothering reek of mill and mine;
    And death stalks in on the struggling crowd?
    But he shuns the shadow of the oak and pine?
    ― George W. Sears Nessmuk, Woodcraft and Camping

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    May be parasitic copepods but I'm not sure.


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      That's to bad. Never nice to see parasites on fish especially brookies. I think the DEC would be very interested in this finding if they are not aware already. From what I just read gill lice attach in the gills. Did you observe any there on your catch?


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        If you look closely, the parasite has four appendages.
        Eventually, it will pretend to walk on it's hind legs.
        Later it will begin to fly, and takeover Pan-American Airways.

        Afterward, it will invent a mirror which no-one looks into.