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    Anyone know how the bass fishing is in Little Tupper? I know someone threw them in there a number of years ago which undoubtedly has all but wiped out the brook trout I imagine. Wondering if they were largemouth or smallmouth and how the fishing is. Its a big lake, so I'm thinking replies won't be spot burning. Just looking for general info, I don't mind doing my own exploring. I am aware that it can get pretty rough when the wind kicks up.

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    For many years I have had good success trolling right down the middle while paddling to and from campsites on the south end.

    I have run my portable fish finder the length and there are long stretches 18' - 24' deep water. Picked them up running deep with spoons or deep diving cranks/stick baits.

    A few years back I would pick up the occasional brookie, 14" - 16" and partial to stickbaits, but that has not happened in about a decade.

    If you are headed to Rock Pond send me a PM.