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    I'm looking for some advice on the purchase of a pair of walkie talkies to use during deer season this year. I've never owned any, though I have used them in the field before while hunting with friends.

    I'm not really sure what specs or specific things I should be looking out for as I research what model to buy. Does anyone have advice or recommendations about where to start or about what has worked best in your experience?

    I realize that being in the mountains can cause problems with the actual range they will be effective, but do some models/brands seem to work better than others?

    Anyone have a specific walkie talkie they would recommend? I'm not really looking for the world's best, most expensive unit with every bell and whistle imaginable, but rather a basic, well made pair that can be relied upon in the field.
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    I use to use Radio Shack wt's-and they worked fine but whats available nowadays I do not know...but I'd bet used ones would work well and the price is likely very affordable.
    No bells and whistles.


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      Look into Midland 2 ways. We have an older set at camp and they work fine


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        I would recommend getting a GMRS license from the FCC (no test, just pay the ~$80 and you and your immediate family are good for like 10 years). Then get a pair of Midland GMRS radios. The GMRS radios are better than the typical FRS radios found in big box stores. Without getting into the technical stuff, both radios will be terrain limited but the GMRS radios allow for more power.


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          Been using Garmin Rino GPS radios for years with built-in topo maps. Have spoke with someone as far as 35 miles away (straight shot from Hogtown to Easton), but sometimes can't get someone on the other side of a mountain because of land interference. For the most part we are happy with them, especially the maps where you can see where your fellow hunters are. Some have a weather radio, camera and other goodies.
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            Walkie talkie help

            I like and use Motorola radio's with our group. One thing is make sure you take off the annoying message chirps. The second thing is get an earphone for hunting very important as to not disturb the quiet.


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              I have used a pair of Midland walkie talkies now for a number of years. Like them a lot. Good range (rated for 36 miles in open country) and features like silent vibrating calling, various nature call sounds, etc. Had to replace batteries with new ones once so far. They loose their charging ability over time. Can also use AA's though. I recommend them. Here is a link to a great price at Lowes right now.



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                Thanks for all the advice guys! It's appreciated. I think it's looking like a pair of Midlands might be it.