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Summer trout or perch fishing

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  • Summer trout or perch fishing

    Hi all,

    I am a Paul Smiths student and I have a job up here for the summer. Iv'e been getting back into fishing since I came up here and it feels great! It reminds me why I came here to go to school in the first place. Anyways, I recently bought a kayak and ive been trying black pond and lake colby for trout but havent had any luck. I was wondering if anyone knew where a good place for either trout or perch fishing is in the summer up here. Preferably trout but I could definitely settle for perch!

    Any help would be much appreciated,Thanks!

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    Look at the ponds in the St. Regis Canoe area which are at your doorstep and check the NYS DEC stocking list and go from there. I don't think you'll get more specific advice than that on a public forum--especially when it comes to Brook Trout. Even if you don't catch any fish, the St. Regis Canoe area is beautiful.


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      EagleCrag is probably right about the brook trout ponds, but lots of waters around you have perch. Lower St. Regis is full of perch, but a lot of them used to be small. Spitfire and Upper SR should have them too. Colby, Lake Flower, Osgood, the Saranacs, and Tupper all have perch too. Good luck!


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        Perch are such a great summer camping fish and oh so tastey.

        They're good with nothing but a little tobascy or chicken wing sauce to wash down the beers....yum.
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          When I was at PSC , class of '70 , we used to fish Osgood Pond a lot,nice smallmouths, pike, perch $ bullhead. I've been back to Osgood on occasion over the years and the fishing is still the same. The school has an access on the White Pine Camp Rd. I lived at White Pine Camp so we just went paddling right out from camp, west end of the lake was always my favorite, and up the river.

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            Ok thanks a lot! I'll try osgood and lower st regis and occasionally try black pond for trout because i know they are in there(summer trout are just hard to catch). As for lures what would you guys recommend? I heard for summer brookies, trolling the lake clear wabbler is deadly! i havent tried it though. For perch im guessing a small jig tipped with a night crawler.


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              I went out to osgood today and caught a couple small perch on the west side then went over to the island and caught 4 nice smallmouth within 45 minutes. I was killing them on a 2" lighting shad jig. They were going nuts over it.

              Heres one of em
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                Nice! There you go, now that's gonna be all your free time, lookin for new spots! Take eagle's advice on that, you couldn't live in a better neighborhood. As for summer trout, just go bass and pike till the water cools down again, the trout'll be going deep soon and the bass are on fire right now!
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                  Thanks Rusty, Yea I think im going to stick to fishing for perch, bass, pike etc.. until the water cools down. Summer trout seem to be a miracle unless you are in a stream like the East Branch Ausable. Ill go after them in the lakes and ponds when they are more active. Now I just want some monster perch!