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  • Wilderness Fishing Suggestions

    Recently, a reader of my blog inquired about a fishing opportunity in a wilderness setting in the Adirondacks. I came up with a couple suggestions, but was wondering if I was missing anything.

    The criteria for this fishing trip was as follows:

    1) Fishing from shore is feasible.
    2) "Near wilderness experience."
    3) Hike of 2 to 4 miles.
    4) Camping for 3 people.
    5) Will not be eaten by bugs (good luck with that one).
    6) Low probability of encountering other people.

    It is probably near impossible to accomodate all these desires, as I pointed out to him. The trip is being planned for late June and/or early July.

    Any ideas I can pass along would be greatly appreciated, especially on the fishing as I have not done so in 40 years or more.

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    My suggestion to widen their options is some super cheap float tubes. They will increase their options vs fishing from shore. I've got one like this i'm trying with my POS telescopic this summer.


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      All was fine before you mentioned June/July..
      Totally doable in January-March, just need to bring an auger and a sled + snow shoes.

      Dan, you must know the Heisenberg uncertainty very well by now..
      "Low probability of encountering other people" = Low probability of getting a response in public (esp. for all the world to see)
      Feverishly avoiding "a steady stream of humanity, with a view that offers little more than butts, boots, elbows and backsides". (description quote from Joe Hackett)


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        Forget about trout ponds and lakes. Will be too warm and difficult for shore fishing. It could be swampy etc..

        You could look at headwaters of major trout streams on state land.

        But better yet look at State Lands just outside the Park for camping on major rivers like the Grass, St Regis, Hudson etc. downstream of trout water. At that time of the season the bass will be biting, they won't need a lot of fancy equipment for fishing. Just some shorts, old runners, a light spin rod and some small spinners and bass lures. Canoes would be handy. Lots of action. Could easily catch 20 plus bass per day and some of those streams have walleyes, pike and muskies.

        You should encounter fewer people on these marginal spots and the bugs won't be as bad......just squitos at dusk. Don't see many folks on a bass river....not like a trout stream.
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