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AuSable River Fishing Map

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  • AuSable River Fishing Map

    Making an attempt to create an AuSable River Fishing Map in Bing maps.
    The reason that I am not using Google maps is that Bing has new coverage that is very clear and close up with leaf-off conditions. There is a small section that is not clear.
    Not sure if I put the push pins on the exact locations but gave it my best shot.
    Hopefully there are some folks out there that can help on this.
    If any are off, please let me know and I can adjust.
    You can always pass along the lat and long coords.
    Fran Betters put out a river map back in 1978 using mile markers from the road; no luck in locating a copy of that guide.
    Learning the tool as I go.
    Feel free to copy any of this information into your own maps but keep in mind that this is just an attempt at this point.
    Feel very sure that the push pins are in the general location.!125&o=0&a=0

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    I think you did a really great job!


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      Very nice, added to my favorites... Didn't know all those stretches had real names!
      "Ahh! The old fishing hole... so peaceful and relaxing. Doesn't even matter if I catch a single fish -- ah! Come on you stupid fish, take the bait! Don't make me come down there!" -Homer Simpson


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        thanks, now I know where I have been.....


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          Thanks...I will add more information as I get it!!!