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Trail conditions. Piseco to Jessup River

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  • Trail conditions. Piseco to Jessup River

    Just got back yesterday from doing trail maintenance. The trail from the Haskell Rd. trailhead to the Jessup River has been cleared of blowdowns. Fall Stream can be crossed on the fallen tree just downstream from the ford. Jessup River is high and requires wading. There is still 6-8” of snowpack at the Jessup River area. The trail is wet but draining pretty quickly. Spots that had running water on Sat were dry yesterday. The trail as a whole is “messy” with lots of small downed branches.

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    Thanks for the report and thanks for doing it! How long were you out there and how much blowdown did you find?

    I have a section north of yours, Browns Brook to Stephen's Pond, basically a handful of miles just south of the road crossing at Lake Durant. I'm going this weekend for the first time, unfortunately I only have one full day to spend out there, but I figure I can at least do recon and maybe clear some stuff.

    Was the snow just in drifts, or did you also find some on the trail?


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      Cutting time was two days. First day in is a one day trip that covers about 4.5 miles. Second trip is a walk in to Fall Stream then keep cutting from there (about another 2 miles). Walk back to Fall Stream and spend then night there. Cut out 25-30 blowdowns so far. Still have another 2.5 miles to finish up but that will wait until I can get in from the Perkins Clearing side. That will likely be a one day in/out.

      No snow on the trail until just before the Jessup River. Few patches around before dropping down to the Jessup River but a fair amount still in the woods in that area. The trail there felt like it still had frost in it.

      Was on your section last fall with my grandkids. Nice trail and it was in good shape then.