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Interesting story from our trip on the NLP trail

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  • Interesting story from our trip on the NLP trail

    Hello everyone. About late 1970s during the big game season my 2 friends and I went on the NLP trail starting from Averyville near Lake Placid. We hiked in 7 miles to Waneka Falls leanto. It was pretty grulling and I saw the fuselage of a red piper cub plane embedded into the mountain about half way in. The leanto is on the chubb river I think and the falls made it pretty noisy, but we had fresh water. One friend didn't hunt and did all the cooking. Bob and I went back on the trail heading further in and after about 1/2 mile on the right side you could see a huge clearing thru the trees. So we entered a large boggy meadow about 3-4 football fields long and 2 football fields wide. There were tracks in the mud and I measured them at 6 inches long looking like deer except for the size. My friend agreed it had to be moose .But they were supposedly extirpated from the Adirondacks at that time. Well, they weren't and now we know theres a lot more. That evening another strange event. I posted in a dead snag at one end and Bob took the other end as evening approached. I had my 1972 marlin 336 with a 4power scope. All of the sudden 2 wolf like animals came trotting out in the middle of the field pissing and playing. I have to tell you even though Ive never seen coyotes or wolves these animals were huge .First the tail was huge and bushy slightly more than a German Shepard. The head was blocky with a squarish muzzle no tapering like western coyotes. Body size was immense certainly larger than any German Shepard Ive ever seen and this mind you was from at least 75 yards away. When my friend came out ,he looked at me and said were those wolves? I knew he confirmed what I had already expected. So theres the place ,if anyone is heading out that way give it a try .I bet youll see what we saw . By the way, about 5 years back while hunting in the northern catskills, I personally saw and released a trapped very young Mt lion. The conibear was wrapped around its head as he was fighting to get it off. I broke a rule not to meddle with another trappers trap but my heart rang out for this rare animal. All I could do was disconnect the chain from the tree and it ran away trap and all. I hoped maybe someone else would see it and call it in as I do not own a cell phone .