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Conditions in West Canada Lakes?

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  • Conditions in West Canada Lakes?

    I'm tentatively planning a trip to Spruce Lake in the WCLW late this week.

    How are road and trail conditions for access to Jessup River Rd and the 4 mile hike from trailhead to lake?

    I am curious to learn if conditions are unusually wet. I'm not concerned about getting my shoes and socks wet, but if we're looking at shin deep water (as reported in southern Pharaoh Lake WA), that's a no-go.

    Thanks for any information.

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    I was just looking at this hike on the maps, so I'm also interested in fresh information about conditions out there


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      With how wet it's been, I would expect lots and lots of mud. My experience in the past has been that the trails in that area rarely ever dry out... In a dry summer you can still expect to encounter mud in the West Canadas.


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        Thanks to all who responded. It sounds like no one has been back there recently.


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          not sure how much of the NPT you planned to include, but just a heads up that the wakely dam 55k trail race is being held this saturday. it runs point to point from wakely dam to piseco airport on the NPT. there are typically 1-3 rangers out along the route and somewhere between 60-100 runners.