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  • Hikes around Elizabethtown


    I will staying up in Elizabethtown around July and am looking for hiking recommendations (as well as trail updates).
    I have been up Baxter and Hurricane, but not much else around that area.
    If anyone can assist me that would greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

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    There are a ton of great hikes near Etown! Also a very wide range of "easy" vs. "harder."


    North trail to Giant. If you want "harder still" and have two cars, through trips involving Rocky Peak Ridge can be done.


    Owl Head Lookout (along the North trail to Giant.

    Iron Mountain (I think the trail is still partially complete, so it may get sketchy towards the top.

    Numerous CATS trails are nearby, in the Medium category.


    Many easy walks in the town-owned Blueberry Hill trails. A nice easy intro is to park on Lord Rd. and walk up to the Leanto.

    There are easy hiking trails in Thrall Dam Park.

    Numerous CATS trails are also in the Easier category.

    And of course there are numerous bushwhacks to be done.


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      Owl Head Lookout is a great destination. At 2.5 miles it is between Hurricane and Baxter in difficulty. Iron Mt. start is not marked, but it is at a small turnout on the right side (going south) between Lobdell Lane and Otis Mt. Lane. The CATS website ( has many easy trails to explore. The Blueberry Hill access on Lord Rd. leads to a relatively short climb to a summit with a view and a small lean-to with many more trails extending beyond. A quick check at the Town of Elizabethtown website did not produce a map of the Blueberry Hill trails. Hope this helps.
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