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    Coming back up for another week of hiking in the area this coming Saturday. Came up about the same time last year. Besides my own dog Maggie, I am bringing my son's Golden with us. Great, great dog, but unfortunately has never met a mud puddle that he didn't fall in love with. Last year I was pleasantly surprised at how dry the trails were. Just wondering what trail conditions are in the area now. I know the area is getting some rain this week.
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    I'm curious myself. Last year it was pretty dry in Pharaoh on May 1. But the weather system in the Northeast recently switched from dry to rain, and I suspect we're about to get a real mud season.


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      I can't speak for the mud issue, but as far as I know, the bridge on the Pharaoh Lake Trail coming from Pharaoh Rd. has not been replaced yet. The stream will likely be a challenge to cross.


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        Banjoe, when did the bridge fail? I had not heard about this.

        Is this the long bridge that is almost a boardwalk instead of a bridge?


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          Sorry, never saw that question asked about the bridge. I don't recall when it failed, maybe fall of '22? It is the bridge over the stream below the beaver dam about half way between the parking lot on Pharaoh Rd. and the lake. I got a report this week from a friend that it is currently being rebuilt. He sent a picture. The boardwalk over the meadow near the end of the (abandoned) Pharaoh Rd. is still operable, but pretty twisted in a few spots.

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