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Giant and Rocky Peak Conditions?

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  • Giant and Rocky Peak Conditions?

    Hello all,
    I'm hiking Giant and Rocky this weekend and was wondering if snowshoes are still needed? I'm assuming spikes will be needed but wondering if I need to stop at the Mountaineer before I set out. Thanks!

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    A few considerations as you plan your weekend

    The DEC has instituted their voluntary spring hiking ban. They are asking hikers to stay off of trails above 2,500 feet in the High Peaks at present. There's both an increased risk of personal injury (due to hikers underestimating the conditions) and an increased risk of impacts to the resources (soil erosion) during this timeframe as spring conditons continue to become more prevalent.

    That being said, winter is not yet over. I was up Phelps the other day (just before the DEC posted the spring hiking advisory). The trail had been post-holed to hell and back again by unprepared hikers climbing without snowshoes. It was some of the worst snow tread conditons I've seen in 17 years of hiking somewhat regularly in the High Peaks. There were post-holes in some spots that were close to 2 feet deep in the snow. Snowshoes were both legally and realistically needed beyond Marcy Dam but it was clear that a lot of hikers either failed to comprehend this or didn't care.

    I spoke to a skier later in the day who was livid because someone had post-holed down the Avalanche Pass ski trail.