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Approach to Allen Mt.

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  • Approach to Allen Mt.

    Last Thursday, I hiked in as far as the waterfall at the bottom of the final climb along Allen Brook. My goal was to first of all see how much the "re-naturalization" done in 2020 had been mitigated while also comparing the time between the old lumber road approach and the current herd path. While I did not find any evidence of mitigation. (Any mitigation, I have learned since, was only south of where I joined the main road up from the Opalescent Club.) I did find, however, that the lumber road route was a bit faster. Specifically, I took 1 hour, 40 minutes from the river crossing to the waterfall via the lumber roads and 1 hour 55 minutes for the return via the herd path. My time from the river back to the road was the same as my time in the morning, so I don't think that fatigue played a role in my slower return on the herd path.

    The trade-offs are working ones way over or around countless berms on the lumber roads vs. slogging through countless muddy areas on the herd path. Additionally, the river crossing for the lumber road approach does not have many good rocks to hop, which resulted in wet feet. On the return, I crossed on rocks without incident just above where the bridge used to be.‚Äč
    Every time that wheel turns round, bound to measure just a little more ground.

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    did not realize you were a member of the Opalescent Club.....


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      I am not a member of the Opalescent Club. I hiked in from the public trailhead and remained on the McIntyre East Tract of state land.
      Every time that wheel turns round, bound to measure just a little more ground.


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        Is that trailhead along the mines road....not sure where it is....thanks


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          The trailhead is on Tahawus Road. It is past the side road to the mine, and just past the old blast furnace, but before the Upper works trailhead.

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        thanks....will check it out