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    Was reading up on Murphy Lake in the Wilcox Lake area and it's lean-to, but also read that the lake had been chemically treated to kill the fish there? While water should be treated of course, is this lake drinkable? Would it be safe for my dog? When do the bugs usually become a problem in the spring? Always looking for new areas to backpack to, and various pictures I've seen look very impressive.
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    We camped at Murphy Lake about a month ago and drank filtered lake water with no ill effects. That's not a guarantee that there's no problem, of course.


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      If I remember correctly, the chemicals they use to reclaim water bodies break down and lose their potency pretty quickly. So especially if you're not visiting until next Spring there shouldn't be any issue. Might not be the worst idea to contact the DEC directly and ask about this, though.

      I camped there 12 years ago myself (but haven't been back since):


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        IIRC the rotenone treatment was a few years ago.
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          Reclaimed in October 2020. No ill effects from our last visit a couple months ago. Should be fine.

          As a side note, the famous Murphy Lake leeches didn't seem too concerned about the water quality 😀

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