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Mount Skylight bushwhack to Redfield?

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  • Mount Skylight bushwhack to Redfield?

    Hi All,
    Doing an October hike to Feldspar and doing skylight, gray, and Marcy. Just curious if it's possible to bushwhack from Skylight to redfield?!?


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    Some info here:

    I think there are a couple more threads on this. Bottom line; it looks good on the map, but it's very thick and slow going.


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      I've done it from Redfield to Skylight, years ago. It was fun but the upper slopes of Skylight left me pretty shredded. Another time I bushwhacked from Redfield over to the Calamity Brook trail a bit below Tear of the Clouds (starting north from the col between Redfield & Skylight). That was easier but still dense at times. So it's very doable but wear either tough clothing, or stuff you don't mind damaging.


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        Believe it or not, I would do that bushwack in the rain. The spruce will scratch you less with the ?lubricant? of wet skin. It definitely will be a slow go of it. When, a equally, as me, crazy buddy and, I climbed Little Nippletop and McDonnel we averaged 1/4 to 1/3 of a mph. Plus there is not much water in the area so we were able to collect plenty of water from overhanging moss seeps. If I was to want to possibly camp a night, observing all rules I would hammock camp, we found no place to set up a tent. Temps were in the 50°s in mid Oct. with the rain helping us to keep cool - we were working hard to bot climb up and push through the spruce. (We only put on rain gear for water/snack breaks and lunch.)BTW l have thought of visiting Moss pond and the ?lost pond? named on some maps a mile South of Redfield.


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          i did a variation of the reverse, redfield to skylight, earlier this summer. i was not on the most direct or fastest possible route but it took me 3 and a half hours to connect the peaks.


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            Thanks all!


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              Originally posted by richard1726 View Post
              Believe it or not, I would do that bushwack in the rain. The spruce will scratch you less with the ?lubricant? of wet skin.
              I have felt this. The softening of the spruce from a good soaking rain.
              Fond memories of fingers like prunes, needles everywhere, and pace too slow to prevent hypothermia. Living the good life.