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  • Mosquitos

    Mosquitos here in Cleveland are getting really bad. Pretty much can't go out without getting bit multiple times. With the Adirondacks seeing more rain then usual, are they any worse then normal? Any chance they linger around longer then normal?
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    No idea about the north country but they are epically bad in western, NY - I'd assume similar to Ohio.

    The amount of rain we've had in July has really made for some aggressive hatches as of late.

    I'm not sure if the Adirondacks are in a higher-than-average year for precipitation. It might be more variable in the drier parts of the park but from facebook I see the high peaks look extra muddy. Perhaps in those areas the skeeters are worse than usual. I think in the west where there is so much standing water, it's probably not any different. I can recall doing trips in really dry years, where it didn't rain for weeks, and in really wet years where it was raining nearly every day and the bugs weren't much different.


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      Climbed Hadley Mt and Spruce Mt in Northern Saratoga County today. Mosquitos were not too bad; actually not a problem. This is about as far South on the East 1/2 of the park boundary you can be and still be inside the Blue Line.

      Where I live, in Saratoga County, just north of the Mohawk River, if I go to the wetlands and marsh areas mosquitos are biting and stinging biting. In the sun or not on grass not too bad.



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        This year has seemed super variable depending on where you are. Right now there's mosquitoes in some parts of the ADKs so vicious you don't dare wander outside after sunset. Meanwhile in another part of the ADKs not even 30 miles away as the crow flies, I recently spent a night in a lean-to without any sort of bug net, without encountering even a single winged blood sucking insect.


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          Western Adirondacks..... I thought the worst was over, as it usually is in the beginning of July. But nearly twice the avarage rainfall during the month (over 7" around here) means lots of ponding in the woods. Where ever there is a small depression between trees, it contains standing water and mosquitoes abound in the whole area. Surprisingly, I even went through a swarm of black flies. But thankfully, the deer flies seem to be gone, as they should be at the time of the season.
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            Originally posted by Wldrns View Post
            Surprisingly, I even went through a swarm of black flies.
            Yeah, the occasional black fly is still out in Newcomb also. By far the latest I've ever seen them out and about.


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              For whatever reason, it seems like a lot of them aren't messing around this summer. They zoom right in and nail you without much hovering. There's a smaller version that is especially vicious


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                My wife was joking (but not really) that they are biting her as soon as she opens the door to her car.

                If I'm in the yard for more than a minute I'm bit at least 3 times. They are definitely hungry.

                My kids have had welts and even an infection from the bites.

                It's crazy how the populations explode with that extra rain.


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                  What I find different this year over most, is that the bites I get all itch for days afterwards. Used to be some would itch, but most you would forget about because they didn't. I actually had two nights where I had trouble sleeping because I had so many bites and they itched at different times during the night.

                  At least with these little bastards, a good spray will keep them at bay for the most part - unlike those damn black flies.
                  Are you hiding in the shadows - forget the pain, forget the sorrow.


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                    The little buggers are starting to quiet down here around Cleveland, I sure hope the same is true for the Adirondacks.
                    Are you hiding in the shadows - forget the pain, forget the sorrow.


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                      As of Sunday in the BRWF, nope.


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                        I encountered a couple of black flies at Lake Colden this past weekend, but otherwise it was completely bug free. However, mosquitoes are still out and about in Newcomb- they get pretty nasty at dusk. There's an occasional deer flies out as well.


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                          The mosquitoes at Pharaoh Lake are still bad.


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                            Big Slide Mt hiking today (8-24). No mosquitos.


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                              Southern Hamilton County, Wilcox Lake Wild Forest, 24-25 Aug, 2021

                              Mosquitos were frequent, but manageable

                              Stable flies were numerous and intolerable

                              Black flies were still hanging around in spots

                              Deer flies were not an issue
                              Tick Magnet