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Tent Site Locations in West Canada Lakes

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  • Tent Site Locations in West Canada Lakes

    I'm looking for a map (paper or electronic) that shows all of the designated primitive (tent) camping sites in the West Canada Lakes wilderness. The locations in adjoining areas would be a plus. Any ideas?

    The online Adirondack Atlas has a setting to show primitive campsites, but I am not certain that it is comprehensive. CalTopo and WayMarkedTrails don't appear to be very helpful, nor is the Trails Illustrated hardcopy map.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I don't know why more people don't bother to look at the NYSDEC website for information. What you seek is available with a simple search on there.
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      Well, its not a map, but it does appear to provide the info that I am seeking.


      And here is the map!


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        Yup that page has two maps one will show you where all the Lean-tos are as well as the primitive campsites. Make sure you tell us how your trip turned out by posting a trip report here afterwards.


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          I'm tentatively planning to hike in this area sometime in September. Many thanks for everyone's help!