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  • Weekday parking

    Ok so I know this is beyond a mad house on weekends and in the summer but is it reasonable to be able to arrive there at a non-ridiculous early hour on a fall weekday and get a spot? Same question for the Garden and Rooster Comb lots.

    I've only done one HPWA hike in the last four years (and that was from Upper Works) because of the crowds but would like to do a couple weekday ones in the next two weeks.
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    I doubt it, unless you don't consider 6:00 ridiculously early! I haven't tried to go to the two lots you mention, so maybe others can chime in. Your best bet would be go to trailheads where overflow parking along the road is allowed.


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      I was part of a L2R crew on Middle Saranac Lake last weekend, beginning work Friday morning. We were to launch via canoe from the South Creek site. Having driven by there recently noting many cars, I decided I had better grab a parking slot early, so I arrived Thursday afternoon to 4 empty parking spots, although there were cars from NY, MA, CT, and NJ already there. Within minutes of my arrival, 3 cars and canoes with a group of young guys arrived with NJ plates, completely filling the paved lot. When I finished the LT work and returned late Saturday afternoon, cars were parked all along the access driveway, all the way to the entrance sign stating that illegal parking would be ticketed. ugh.
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        Here's the weather forecast for next week in Lake Placid. If this holds up, you shouldn't have much problem finding parking then.

        With how insanely packed the Adirondacks have been during this pandemic, I'm personally hoping the above forecast sticks.


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          It's hard to quit checking even though I'm not headed up again any time soon; I noticed didn't post the parking areas closed until 11 am on Sunday, I don't remember them posted as full at all last week.
          Friends who went to Pharaoh Lake this past weekend were the first there at the late hour of 7:30 am Friday. Maybe it's letting up?