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Dug Mountain Brook Falls

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  • Dug Mountain Brook Falls

    Can you hike into the falls from 30 ? did some searching everything I find is related to paddling.

    Also spending next week at camp in Perkins clearing any suggestions for easy/moderate day hikes with the kids ? Both are good hikers looking for something different we have done most of the usual hikes in the past. Kids like a hike where they can possible have a chance to hop in the water at some point.

    Thanks for any Info

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    I did that bushwhack about 30 years ago with MDB and our 5 year old daughter.
    It’s fairly short with open hardwoods, doesn’t get much easier.
    However, you’ll need to work your way upstream to find a shallow enough spot to cross the Jessup.
    It’s much easier and more fun to paddle downstream and ditch the boat at the bony section. Hike along the right bank from there on an informal path. There may be a beaver dam or two, it varies from year to year. Even in the driest summers there’s enough water to make it to the bony section.
    Return trip upstream is easy too, current is slack.
    Good luck and be sure to post some pics.
    Btw that bushwhack was described in the Barbers McMartin series discover the adirondacks


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      Awesome info Thanks ! Not bringing the kayaks this time unfortunately


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        Cal Topo and Nat. Geo. #744 both show a trail from Indian Clearing (off the road passing Whitaker Lake from rt. 30) heading toward Doug Mountain Brook. I am unsure of the current tree farm regulations and have never checked the trail out. However, the area along the Jessup stripperguy mentions is very nice. Coupled with the Dug Mountain Falls trail I would think it would be an interesting trek.


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          Thanks !
          Interesting just looking at the topo map I see the trail going thru Indian clearing and leading towards the falls the topo also says picnic area intrigued now will be checking this out.