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Prospect Mountain Trail Closed

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  • Prospect Mountain Trail Closed

    DEC Closes Prospect Mountain Trail Due to Construction Activity on the Summit

    Prospect Mountain Trail is now closed due to construction on the summit. The summit area, above the parking lot, has been closed to the public, and signs at the trail told hikers the summit area was not open. However, many hikers entered the construction zone, so DEC has closed the trail. The summit of the mountain and the trail will remain closed until late August while 500 feet of mortared stone border wall that is crumbling along summit lookout areas is removed and replaced with individual cut stone blocks. Due to the grades, the moving of the stone blocks is difficult and dangerous, especially with heavy equipment. The road and the path from the parking lot are blocked.

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    There are always a few that don't care about the signs. They ought to be fined.