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Puppy's First Backpacking Trip - Recs?

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  • Puppy's First Backpacking Trip - Recs?

    Hi Everyone,

    We're planning on heading out for a four-night trip Wednesday - Sunday and will be taking our 5 month old puppy with us. She's been on hikes and overnights, but this will be the first time we're doing multiple nights with her. We've got a few places in mind, but I'd love any additional thoughts.

    She's not ready for a paddle trip unfortunately, but we do want to be by water (even if it's just small streams) so that we don't have to worry about her getting overheated or dehydrated. We also would prefer areas that are more out-of-the way since it's such a high volume weekend. We are open to a loop, in-and-out or a hike-in/base camp setup.

    We were originally thinking Pharaoh Lake, but I'm guessing by Friday it will be completely packed with people, which we'd prefer to avoid.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated, as would any advice about bringing her with us from those of you who bring your dogs all the time!

    Oh, and here's a puppy photo, just because I can't resist sharing her smooshy face:
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    Cute pup. Bugs will be an issue for you and your dog. Find a suitable insect repellent. Maybe some citronella, lemongrass, cedar, or eucalyptus oil sprayed on a bandana or applied to her fur. Read up on dos and don'ts with essential oils for pets.