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  • Help me make up my mind!

    Hey guys, I need some help. I was going to take my son up to pharaoh lake in may but it was still kinda cold. Now I am planning on going up on July 6th which is Monday and coming home Thursday. I have done a ton of research on Pharoah Lake Wilderness and I know that I would probably be able to find an overflow site or a primitive site just about anywhere if needed. I am concerned that due to corona and the holiday it may be packed up at Pharoah and hard to find the wilderness feel I want him to experience. I'm leaving on Monday so that maybe people will be leaving.
    So, I am concidering doing the French Louie loop instead which is comparable to my pharaoh trip which would be starting at short swing trail and going around pharaoh lake back to short swing trailhead. I know I can find a more wilderness feel in west canada but I am wondering about overflow camping sites and I know it is thick back in there so if I get to south or west lake and no sites are open Im not sure I can pitch a tent anywhere. I also heard that the pillsbury mountain trail head is closed so I need to do a 1.5 mile road walk to get to the trail head. What do you guys think I should do West Canada or pharaoh? Ive been through West Canada multiple times but do not remember the tent sites locations, just leantos. Help me make up my mind. Tyler is 12 and we're only going to do 6-7 mile.days anyways.

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    Just going to stick with Pharoah starting and ending at the short swing trail. I can't wait as I have never been to Pharaoh before.