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  • Ct Rd 2

    Hoping somebody might be able to answer this one:

    Been reading a bit about County Road 2 in some, perhaps, dated guided books.

    One book mentions two sites of interest that I am not sure if you able to access now: 1.) Balancing Rock; 2.) Cheney Pond overlook.

    If there is anyone out there who might have some info on these two sites I would be greatly obliged.

    Thank you.

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    Not sure about the Balancing Rock but I have been to the Cheney Pond Overlook and these days it’s really not much more than just a single party spot up on the hill where the surrounding trees have grown up to block any kind “overlook”, but still a pretty neat place to visit if no one is there. Please keep it clean. Again, it seems to be a party type spot, and sadly not everyone cleans up their mess.


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      Balancing Rock is a large glacial erratic by the side of the road on the north side. It's possible that you could drive by w/o seeing as it's at the edge of the woods. It also suffers from the disrespect of the day, spray paint.