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Mt. Allen conditions in 2019

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  • Mt. Allen conditions in 2019


    I am planning a late April overnighter with my wife to do Mt Allen. I have a few questions since it's been years since I've been out to Allen.

    The last time I went in towards Mt. Adams and Mt. Allen from the Upper Works was about 2013 or 2014 and both the bridge over the Hudson and the walkway over lake Jimmy were out. Has anything been rebuilt?

    Any estimates on how much snow we'll be hitting on the logging roads on the way in? Would we be skiing, snow shoeing, microspiking, or walking through the meadows at the end of April?

    Typically end of April snow is about 0 to 6" deep around Old Forge, but I haven't been in the High Peaks at that specific weekend.

    I am guessing 0-6" of snow in the shade with maybe a packed path and some mud. More snow at higher elevations. Is that guess reasonable?

    WATER CROSSINGS: Reading this post really got me thinking: This is the time of year where crossing could suck and be dangerous. Any idea what warm-water flow might be looking like this time of year?

    I heard there's a site near where the trail crosses lower twin brook, and on public land. It's pretty flat getting there, but it's still 7 miles in. Since the private land is no longer private, is it open to camping under the same rules as the rest of the park?
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