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MacIntyre Late November? Am I crazy?

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  • MacIntyre Late November? Am I crazy?

    Hi, I'm a newby from the U.K. I'm coming to Boston with work late November and tacking on a holiday (20th-24th). My girlfriend and I thought about doing the MacIntyre Range (Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois and NOT Marshall) in a day hike but I think we might be just a bit out of season for this to be practical. We don't have any micro-spikes or snowshoes and so if these are required we would have to buy (rent?) some. So I have a few questions and I'm hoping those with some experience of this range (and area) might be able to help:

    1. If we invest in traction, is it feasible we could do the MacIntyre in a day in those conditions, e.g. snow underfoot & shorter days
    2. How changeable is the weather that time of year? Could we just spend a couple of days waiting and not get to hike at all?
    3. Are there trails in the Adirondack area that would definitely not require traction (that are still a decent hike!) and are feasible in most weather conditions? If so, please feel free to make some suggestions as to good day hikes.

    Thanks SO much for any advice you can offer.
    All the best from Leicester, U.K.

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    Hi Guy

    In late November, you're gonna need more than micro-spikes
    just to climb out of the relegation zone.


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      Can never tell in late November, but
      1. If the snow depth is greater than 8", snowshoes (or skis) are required.
      2. I doubt if microspikes or their equivalent are rentable anywhere, but they are lightweight so you could take them back to UK if you wish.
      3. Snowshoes are rentable, but I'm not sure where. Perhaps the Mountaineer in Keene Valley, the ADK Loj (which would be your trailhead for the MacIntyre range), EMS in Lake Placid, Cascade Ski Center, or other outfitters in the area. You'll have to do a Google search to find out.

      In answer to your question 3., Yes there are plenty of areas where traction might not be required so check out the conditions when you get here.


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        If I was planning a hike to Wright/Algonquin/Iroquois I would definitely have traction devices, knowing that I might not need them but that if I did, the hike would not be possible without them.

        Regarding the weather you might get bluebird skies and clement temperatures. But, you also might get driving sleet with zero visibility, which above treeline can be dangerous. And the weather can change quickly and contrary to the forecast.

        Any trails that lead to views will have the potential to be icy, unless you settle to walk the AMR road,which leads to a nice view at the shore of Lower Ausable Lake. (even that could be a river of water ice by November).
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          +1 on the AMR/Lake Road option. Easy to get in and you have a choice of some spectacular peaks or hikes. Indian Head, Fishhawk Cliffs, Pyramid. Even if the weather turns the hike in on Lake rd, next to a babbling brook, is scenic.

          If you are still thinking McIntyre we did it in April with iced trails. We used microspikes but still had some slow going crossing what was at that time (end of winter) packed snow and sheet ice. We hoped for Algonquin, Iroquois and Wright. Had to settle for just Algonquin. It was still a spectacular day though.

          As others have said the weather changes quickly and can differ greatly so be prepared to turn back and also to hunker down if need be. There are many threads on here on what should be in your "day" pack.

          We did Phelps in late November, again with spikes. If you need a place to rent them send me a PM.
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              As others have said, the weather and conditions are a crap shoot at that time of year. I hiked the Santanoni Range last year in the middle of November. There had already been significant snowfall prior to the trip but all that was needed was microspikes (only worn part of the time).

              I don't know about all the options for renting snowshoes, but you can rent microspikes at the High Peaks Information Center, which is located at the trailhead for the MacIntyre Range.


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                Don't flop like Vardy.


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                  Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm concerned this might be biting off more than I can chew, think I'll leave it for the summer!

                  It's good to know you guys know what real football is too ;-)
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