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Pharaoh Mt. w/ Overnight

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  • Pharaoh Mt. w/ Overnight

    I'll be hiking the Pharaoh Mt./Lake loop from Wednesday the 6th to Thursday the 7th.

    Originally I had planned to start at the Crane Pond Rd. (legal) parking area, to reach the summit early on the 6th, then continue on to lean-to #3 or #4 in the afternoon. Although hiking midweek, I'm concerned that lingering 4th of July crowds may be present, so it seems the eastern shore of Pharaoh Lake might be ideal. After camping out, I'll continue North past Oxshoe Pond back to Crane Pond on the 7th.

    With that being said, might it be preferable to reverse the loop (clockwise instead of counter-clockwise), reaching the lake the first day, and summit the next day from the South? Just curious to see what the typical route is (possibly even to avoid it if it's busy).


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    Side note:

    My father used to hunt regularly with his hunting party in the southern part of the wilderness area (near Adirondack), and I have a picture of them standing on a hill overlooking a large part of Schroon Lake from above the clouds. Now, I know for certain this wasn't Pharaoh Mountain proper, but could it be one of the "number" hills in the southwest corner?

    If the lookout is accessible, I wouldn't mind checking it out one day. The view almost rivaled what I remember Pharaoh itself providing.


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      The ascent is much steeper coming from the Pharaoh Lake side, but it's a fun loop in either direction.

      As for the lookout over Schroon Lake... Could it be Pine Hill (near Adirondack)?

      ...Or perhaps Park Mountain?


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        Thanks Justin!

        Maybe I'll give the southern approach a shot. Seems like a fun challenge.

        And as for that lookout, I'd have to say it's Pine Hill. Might have to double check the original picture my dad has from there, but from memory that seems to be the one.


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          Are you hiking all the way around the lake?

          If not, there are three designated campsites at the NW corner of the lake. Unless you're dead set on staying at a lean-to, they're right on your path. They're hard to miss if you keep an eye out for markers.

          I'd be surprised if there was much if any activity out there midweek. Most of the holiday campers would have been out Fri-Mon.