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    I am trying to find the Fox Lair estate ruins. I heard they we're cool to explore and that there may be some spots to swim near by.

    I drove up there on Sunday and parked here:!4d-74.113187

    But I was unable to find it. Anyone out there that knows the exact location and if there are any recent updates regarding this place?

    Thank you!

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    It looks like you were in the right spot. The ruins (not too much to see; stone walls, etc.) are back in the woods a short distance. You can drive on a dirt loop road to where they are.

    The Sacandaga River is just below the area, keep heading east. I never thought about it for swimming, but where there's a will...


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      Just a little further south.
      If you zoom in you can see portions of the dirt road that Dundee mentioned.
      11.2 miles from Route 30.
      Much more info in this guidebook updated in 2014:
      Discover the South Central Adirondacks


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        Welcome to the forum!

        To expand on Dundee's and Justin's posts:

        You were a couple hundred yards too far north. You parked on the trailhead for Square Falls, another great hike in this area.

        However, on your google earth image, if you went south and entered the dirt road that heads SW from Rt. 8, you'd be on the right track. You cross a couple streams on the "road" and as Dundee said, eventually come to a large parking area just to the south of the northern most rectangular block of a pine plantation.

        Park at the large parking area and follow the "road" (now more of a trail) across a fallen down bridge and in about 1/4 mile you'll start to see foundations and debris off to your left (east). The main estate building foundation is at the top of a grand staircase and many smaller structures surround the area. The woods are pretty thick, so it's tough to get around, but definitely worth it.

        On the west side of the old road the ruins of the Oregon Tannery are visible. Look between the road and the East Branch for some long skinny foundations. There's a lot of old tannery trash laying around too (barrel hoops, etc.). Cool way to kill a few hours.

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          Here's a fun read about Rudy Valentino and the Foxlair estate.


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            There is indeed a nice swimming hole near the Fox Lair ruins. If you follow the old road SW from the main ruins for a few hundred yards, you'll find an old concrete staircase leading down to the river. You'll see the remains of what was either a dam or a bridge. The water on the downstream side of the dam/bridge is deep enough for swimming. Outside of Griffin Gorge and Square Falls, it's probably the best easily accessible swimming hole on the East Branch. I've always been surprised how little use it gets.