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  • Hikes near North Creek

    I'll be spending a couple days in North Creek next week. I've driven through North Creek several times, never stopped to explore the area -- but I will next week.

    I think I'm leaning towards Peaked Mt for one day. Open to suggestions on other activities in the area. I'll have one other full day and a half day to do some hiking. Prefer to keep the drive to about 1/2 hour from town, and open to most anything(peaks/lakes/other).

    So -- any suggestions on hiking near North Creek ?

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    The Blue Ledges on the Hudson -- Trailhead 0n Northwoods Club Road, near Minerva;

    Goodnow Mt. near Newcomb.
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      Moxham is not too far...and Chimney Mt is close enough, take the shortcut on Parkerville Rd.


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        I did Moxham Mt today and it was a fabulous hike. I also lost my cell phone today so I imagine it's somewhere on that trail. So, I guess I'll be going back tomorrow.


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          Gore Mt.
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            Peaked Mountain is a great hike. Waterfalls along the creek on the way up, lakes and ponds to see, and some fun steep stuff at the end to see the gorgeous views from the summit
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              Great suggestions -- thanks...

              Moxham sounds perfect, maybe Blue Ledges or OK Slip Falls on the half day.

              I've done Chimney and Goodnow. Haven't really considered Gore but I'll read up on that hike -- how much does the trail use the ski runs(if at all) ?


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                Camped at Blue Ledges. Beautiful and not too hard of a hike. If you are looking for solitude, make sure you plan around the floatillas of rafters that use that spot to take a break. (Or so Ive heard) Was the only one there for about 24 hours.