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Catamount from Taylor Pond

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  • Catamount from Taylor Pond

    Has anyone hiked Catamount Mountain from Taylor Pond? I would assume there must be a trail from that side, but I see none designated on any maps. Any information would be helpful .....

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    I've only gone up the regular trail from Forestdale Road. There's no public road on the Taylor Pond side of the mountain, so I wouldn't necessarily expect a trail from that side (although there might be one; I don't know). Usually the "boat access" trailheads are only in high traffic popular places (like Black Mountain Point on Lake George).

    If I were bushwhacking from the pond, I would follow the long NNE running ridge and the parallel brook; the sat photos suggest deciduous forest there...


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      Thanks!..staying at interior pond site at the base of Catamount...guess I will expect and adventure getting to the top


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        Excellent opportunity to paddle and bushwhack!

        Looking at the map, you could also explore Douglas Mountain on the north side of Taylor Pond. Paddling there from the camp would be an opportunity to start a lot closer to that peak than you can by public road; and it also looks to have open rock on the summit for views. Take pictures!