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    I am trying to plan a multiday backpacking trip with a friend who has very little hiking experience (we're both college athletes, so we are in pretty good shape). I have a good amount of experience with day trips in the High Peaks but I have never backpacked in them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a 3-5 day trip? I am open to anything - so far I have done research on the Cranberry Lake 50 and a few Great Range variations but I would love to hear about some other options. Thanks!

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    Santanoni Range is a good one for 3-4 days, if you take it fairly slow (1 day in, 1 day for all three, 1 day for Henderson, 1 day out). Seward range is another good 4 day trip (in, out, Seymour, other 3). Plenty of others from which to choose as well.
    High peaks: Summer: 46/46 (1st iteration); 29/46 (2nd); 11/46 (3rd); 7/46 (4th) Winter: 7/46 (1st); 1/46 (2nd)

    The other 56: Summer: 55/56 (1st); 12/56 (2nd); 4/56 (3rd); 3/56 (4th) Winter: 13/56 (1st); 3/56 (2nd); 1/56 (3rd); 4th (0/56)


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      A couple options would be start/end at the Long Lake trailhead for the NPT and then for the other end either Newcomb Lake, or Averyville Road or Coreys Rd. You'd need a car shuttle obviously, and if you don't have 2 cars there's someone on this forum who provides a shuttle service. A little searching should return contact information.

      If you don't have a lot of backpacking experiencing, overnight stays in the High Peaks are complicated somewhat by precautions needed due to bears -- specifically the requirement for bear canisters, and extra care when handling food. I'm accustomed to taking a bear canister with me on most all overnight outings, regardless of where I go -- I've lost more food to rodents than to anything else and a bear canister keeps all 4 legged animals away from my food.


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        There are some big loops you could do out of the ADK Loj area, depends on how much vertical you wanted and what kind of views.

        Good fitting boots? (Young and in shape, you might be okay in lighter footwear) Chewed up feet from poor fitting footwear would make one's fitness a moot point.

        Going through Avalanche Pass shouldn't be missed, you have options before and beyond Avalanche Lake. Another night could be back on the Opalescent heading towards Lake Tear, then over Marcy and depending on your number of days, back out or head towards JBL. There is a trail connecting the Johns Brook valley area with the Loj area. Other than Marcy, this option doesn't climb any peaks but you can alter it so you hit several.
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