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  • Which high peak?

    Ok so I'm rarely new to backpacking in the Adirondack area and need everyones expert opinions lol. Im camping in a lean-to with a buddy at Heart Lake in May or June and was wondering:

    1- Is there is any trail heads that lead to a summit directly from Heart Lake?
    2- What mountains are available for summit through these trail heads?
    3-Which one of these summits would you say has the best view, especially in May or June?

    And of course any other info would be great! Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are many, many high peaks accessed from Heart Lake, via the trailhead at the High Peaks Information Center, many of which have outstanding views. A couple shorter hikes with great view are Phelps and Wright. Algonquin, a summit with one of the best views in the Adirondacks, is also a relatively short hike, but a steep climb. Longer hikes with outstanding views include Colden, Marcy, and others.

    You don't mention your level of hiking experience in the high peaks. The trails are quite rugged, so don't let the mileage fool you. Also, during that time of year (in addition to the omnipresent mud!), you are likely to have plenty of black flies and/or mosquitoes to keep you company.

    I highly recommend that you pick up the 14th Edition of the ADK Guide to High Peaks trails, and the companion Nat Geo trail map. This contains detailed information and trail descriptions, as well as other important information regarding hiking in the high peaks.

    Lastly, you may want to check out our sister forum, which is specifically focused on the high peaks.

    Good luck!

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      The sister forum must be useful and /or entertaining because it gets 40,000 unique visitors, excluding bots, per month.
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        Bring insect repellant.


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          Best bang for the buck from Heart Lake would be Wright and/or Algonquin.

          Longer, or more rugged hikes would include Colden or Marcy.

          The ADK guidebook is an invaluable source of information. The High Peaks Visitor Center at Heart Lake is staffed and provides advice on route, conditions and equipment.