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High Peaks Summit Conditions Oct/Nov 2013

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  • High Peaks Summit Conditions Oct/Nov 2013

    Hello all! We are planning to play hooky this Friday so we can do some hiking in the High Peaks.

    Can anyone report if there is snow or ice on the summits yet? I'll bring the micro spikes just in case, but just wondering. Mi wifey only has Yak Tracks so hopefully they will suffice.

    We're a bit pressed for time, so the hike will have to be a shorter one. Maybe about 8-9 miles or less round trip. We've done lots of the "quickies" such as Cascade, Porter, Table Top, The Brothers, Big Slide, Noonmark, Hurricane, Pitchoff, etc. etc. Thinking of doing Phelps from the Loj, or maybe Stree/Nye (ugh). We've done about half of our 46, but want to keep on keepin on and at least knock one or two more off this fall.

    Any suggestions?
    An adventure in the mountains is truly the poor man's therapy...

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    Back a few years ago saw a friend fall off Giant Moutain wearing Yak Tracks.

    Strongly suggest you get your wife some microspikes.


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      Right now there is snow and ice on all of the peaks you mentioned. Given the weather forecast expect slush, wet snow and a lot of mud.

      As there will be slippery inclines, invest in Hillsound or Kahtoola microspikes to provide sufficient traction. The Yaktrax will be trouble and will not keep your wife safe.

      If you choose Street & Nye, the Indian Pass Brook crossings are still rock-hoppable, however with the coming snow melt and rain you should be prepared to wade (or turn around and go to Phelps).

      Enjoy your walk!


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        This seems to be a good summit forecast site IMO


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          Also review trip reports for recent conditions:

          Recent trip and information about trail conditions and trips taken.


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            On second thought, maybe we should get some spikes for my wife too. LOL

            Thanks for the links! That peak forecast one looks cool. We always plan for the worst, but I love me a good weather site!

            Think we'll take er easy and just do Phelps. Looking forward to the added challenge of snow and ice. And mud. I love mud.

            Do you pay to park at the Loj this time of year? All year? Probably still do it. Walking in on that path from the dirt road is a drag.

            Thanks for the great feedback
            An adventure in the mountains is truly the poor man's therapy...


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              It is a good time of year if you love mud.

              Parking at The HPIC / Loj is $10 or $5 for ADK members all year 'round.

              If you find yourself short of cash, the South Meadows road is presently open. There were a few snow-covered vehicles there last weekend, and more people in camo and blaze orange than people in hiking gear.

              Hope you get clear skies so you can enjoy the fine views on the Phelps trail.


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                Here's another weather site with some useful information. You can choose Marcy or other mountains from the list.

                Mount Marcy, Adirondacks, Laurentian Mountains, United States Mountain weather forecast for 1629m. Detailed 6 day mountain weather forecast for climbers and mountaineers.