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  • Help Planning Hike to Gothics


    I am planning a day-hike to Gothics next weekend with my boyfriend. I can't decide which way to go to Gothics....

    1. Lake Road via Pyramid (Possibly Sawteeth)

    2. From Garden via Ore Bed for cable route. Back the same way

    3. Option #2 but with a loop via Armstrong and the Jaws.

    I am tempted to try the cable route. And it would be great to do a loop with the additional peaks, but when I read about it it seems like it is a challenging route... more difficult than what the extra mile would make me think.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Which ADK high peaks have you been up already?
    Any favourites, or ones you've unfriended?

    Option 1 is very scenic and tends to be quicker, since you have 10 km of road walking round-trip. Both Pyramid and Gothics are visually stunning on a clear day. Continuing over Gothics to the Armstrong col you can decide to return or to continue over Armstrong and Upper WolfJaw (or further) then descend. Each route offers more scenery and interesting trails.

    Option 3 is fantastic if you are comfortable with steep ascents & descents and a longer day. Very scenic trail offering some fun scrambles up and down, as well as the opportunity to walk part way up a clean slide above the Orebed. With good visibility the views up there at sunrise and sunset are tremendous.

    Pick 3 or 1 depending on your stamina. Then do the other one next time.

    Happy climbing!


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      As SummitHat says, it's hard to say about your choice without knowing what you've done/can do. Still:
      I don't see much point in going up the cable route without making a loop of it. The loop *is* harder than the Pyramid route, but not THAT much. Part of it being harder isn't the cabled slope (I think the cables being there gives it a worse reputation than it deserves), but also the other side of Armstrong which is pretty steep in places.

      If you decide on the AMC, Pyramid route, try making a loop of it by going down the Beaver Meadow Trail -- dramatic near the top, and one of the most beautiful falls in the high peaks at the bottom.

      I'm neither a superhiker nor a climber, and don't have trouble with either hike (though both are full days for me). Both of them are classics.


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        I have hiked Algonquin, Giant, The two Brothers, Cascades, Phelps, Pitchoff and Mount Madison in the White Mountains. Any comparison to these hikes would be helpful.

        My boyfriend has never hiked though. He is in great shape, but I still have to take that in consideration.


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          Yes welcome.....I go with Summithats door #1.... you can do 3 peaks in a 10-12hr day and make it a loop down.. start in the dark down the lake road about hour before dark and you should get out before dark..always best to start early than come out late IMO...
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            I prefer doing the cable route up Gothics if I'm camping in the JBL valley or elsewhere nearby. I've never been fond of daytripping from the Garden.

            For a daytrip I'd recommend doing the Lake road. Especially with someone who has limited hiking experience. If you get to the summit of Gothics and the weather is good and your energy level is good, then continue on to Armstrong and points beyond. If you're wiped, then head back down to the Lake road. The Lake road is a relatively boring hike out but if your energy is failing then it's a preferred option than the hike via Orebed and the Garden.


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              We did Gothics this past weekend via Lake road, you get spectacular views at Pyramid and then Gothics is .5 miles away. It's about 12-13 miles round trip if you go down via Beaver Meadow falls. This route avoids the cable.
              Or you could choose to continue on to Armstrong, Upper and Lower and then the trail leads back to the road.
              Some more info here:
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                Thanks everyone! We have decided to go the Pyramid route, it might be too ambitious to do the cable route in one day. Maybe next time!

                I am not sure if we will go to Armstrong as well... maybe Sawteeth. We will decide tomorrow. Hopefully most of the rain waits later in the day...

                Very excited!