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conditions on Sawteeth?

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  • conditions on Sawteeth?

    Can anyone give me advice on current conditions on Sawteeth, or general conditions on it during mud season? I have a hike planned there this weekend, of course depending on weather. Is Sawteeth likely to be a stream on either/both trails (Weld or Scenic), especially given last weekends' snow and/or rain this week? And how deep of a stream?

    I had an introduction to mud season on Hurricane Mountain this weekend. I finally got over trying to keep my feet dry-ish on the way down, but I'm still really slow and nervous about stepping in over boot tops and getting frozen feet.

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    It'll sure as heck be muddy. There was a ton of snow at elevation this weekend. Warm weather will cause it to melt pretty quickly, I suspect. As someone said over on the high peaks forum, this past weekend has set the trails back to April conditions (Minus the ice).

    Take extra socks and bread bags.

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